Jaden Conwright

Date of Birth 5/29/1999
Hometown Newark, CA
Sponsors Lee-Conwright & Hartley, LLP
Mom & Dad
Four Star Cleaning & Restoration, Inc.
Kevin & Joyce McCoy
FIDELIS iM, Registered Investment Advisors
Esther Vaziri
2013 Race Class &
Previous Racing History
2013 – RLOKC Jr. Rotax
2012 – IKF Grand National 2-cycle Jr. Rotax Champion; RLOKC Jr. Rotax, 5th place
2011 – RLOKC KPV2 Champion
2009-2010 – Jim Russell A & D Cadet (2010 Champion; 2009 2nd place)
2007-2011 – Quarter Midgets (Sr. Rookie of the Year, Regional and Club; Sr. Honda, 2nd place; Lt. Mod, 3rd place)
Racing Goals Sponsors, so I can continue reaching for my racing goals!
2013 – RLOKC Jr. Rotax Champion; Gatorz COA; ProKart; SuperNats, and as many different races and tracks as possible, to reach my Ultimate Goal – F1!!!
Race Team, Shop, or Mechanic Cambrian Go-Karts
Hobbies and Fun Facts When not karting, I enjoy iRacing on my PC, riding my BMX or downhill mountain biking, and hanging out with friends. I played football, basketball, soccer and volleyball with my school teams; played drums in the school band; Boy Scouts.

Volunteer for 8 weeks each summer with the Youth Service Corps for the City of Fremont, cleaning the parks, removing graffiti, weeding, and doing minor repairs of playground equipment. I make lots of friends, while helping to keep the city’s parks, fire stations, and other properties clean and safe for others.

Favorite Track or Configuration National