Ethan Tavares

Date of Birth 3/3/2004
Hometown San Jose
Sponsors Aluminos
2013 Race Class &
Previous Racing History
I will be racing Micro Max in 2013. In my rookie year 2012, I raced Micro Max at Infinion Raceway and finished 3rd in the championship. I have raced kid karts at Dixon and Atwater since I was five years old. For fun I drove a Gazel 60 Cadet on an 1/8 mile dirt oval.
Racing Goals This year I plan on working on my racing skills and hope to win the championship. I’m looking forward to start practicing with a shifter kart when I turn 10 next year.
Race Team, Shop, or Mechanic Aluminos / My Dad
Hobbies and Fun Facts I love to play video games, Super Mario Kart is one of my favorite games. I also like to swim, ride my bike, build legos, play with my sister and read books. I enjoy helping my dad in the garage building go-karts. We don’t always agree but I learn a lot from him.
Favorite Track or Configuration Infinion/National