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Championship Narrowing After ROK Sonoma Race #7

Ron White takes the VP Senior ROK Shifter "Feature Class" win
With the onset of Fall usually comes cooler weather but ROK Sonoma Race #7 had nothing but warm, balmy conditions. This race also brought in a new class of drivers with the introduction of the ROK VLR100 and IAME VA100 Masters class.

The VP Senior ROK Shifters took to the track with Zach Pettinicchi taking the Pole ahead of Enzo Prevost and Hunter Pickett. PreMain 1 had Pettinicchi taking the lead out of turn one with Prevost and Pickett swapping spots midway through the first lap. Ron White would come from 4th to pass Prevost at Monaco on lap two and then chasing Pickett for the next five laps. White proceeded to catch and pass Pettinicchi at lap 7, and then Pettinicchi would get passed by Pickett at the next corner. White would take 1st followed by Pickett, Pettinicchi and Prevost in 4th.

In PreMain 2, they would start again the same as race 1, Pettinicchi taking the early lead with Pickett close behind, leaving Prevost to swap spots with White at lap two. At lap seven positions would change again putting Pettinicchi in 2nd, Pickett 1st at turn two and Ron White passing Pettinicchi at Laguna. White would eventually move past Pickett for the lead. Pettinicchi would retire early due to a mechanical issue putting Alejandro Marquez 3rd.

In the Main Event, White would start on Pole followed by Pickett, Pettinicchi and Arturo Pacifico. As in the PreMains White took the win with an early lead, Pettinicchi worked his way to 2nd, Pickett 3rd, Prevost 4th, and Pacifico 5th. The top three in the Senior ROK Shifter class were awarded Sanzaru Bucks of $100, $50, $30.

Would you like to save time at registration?

This season we will be using MotorsportReg.com to manage our registrations, making it quick and easy for you to get out to our events. Our upcoming ROK Sonoma Race #8 at Simraceway Performance Karting Center on October 6th & 7th is live online and open for registrations. Here's the link to sign up: http://msreg.com/ROK-Sonoma-Race-8. If you don't already have a MotorsportReg account, you will be prompted to create one as part of the registration process. If you have questions about how to use MotorsportReg, email msrhelp@motorsportreg.com and they'll help you out. If you have questions about the event, contact Paula McCallister at paula@cameronkarting.com. At the track, walk up to the front of the line where it says Online registrations, sign your waivers, receive your wristbands, event paperwork and head to the track. That simple, no waiting to pay or have paperwork filled out for you.

The VP Feature class for Race #8 will be Senior ROK Shifters. Track configuration will be Reverse National.

ROK Sonoma Presented by Sanzaru Games Round 7 Results

VP Micro ROK
1st Anthony White $50 Sanzaru Bucks
2nd Casey Moyer
3rd Nico Sarphati
1st Adam Freire $50 Sanzaru Bucks
2nd Derek Domingos
3rd Alex Rantala
VP Junior ROK
1st William Ferguson $50 Sanzaru Bucks
2nd Oliver Reed
3rd Eddie Shimmon
VP Senior ROK
1st Bijoy Garg $50 Sanzaru Bucks
2nd Michael Avansino
3rd Ryan Tate
VP Master ROK
1st John Breidinger $50 Sanzaru Bucks
2nd David Palic
3rd Alan Morte
VP Junior ROK Shifter
1st Bryson Lew $50 Sanzaru Bucks
2nd Aiden O’Neill
3rd Nolan Siegel
1st Ron White $100 Sanzaru Bucks
2nd Zach Pettinicchi $50 Sanzaru Bucks
3rd Hunter Pickett $30 Sanzaru Bucks
VP Master ROK Shifter
1st Patrick O’Neill $50 Sanzaru Bucks
2nd Nick Major
3rd Michael Guasch
VP 80 Masters
1st Mat Kattanek $50 Sanzaru Bucks
2nd Roger Cornwall
3rd Tom Nelson
1st Steve Cameron
2nd Jourdan Johnson
3rd Trevor Greter